Monday, July 18, 2011

Upcoming Concert Schedule (Really!)

We have missed a lot in moving to Green Bay - our friends and family being by far the biggest, but little things apply as well.  Things like favorite restaurants, prairie grass, our old golf club, random lakes everywhere you look, Sid Hartman, our old church and parish, professional hockey, proximity to SJU, "downtown," being able to catch a Twins game when the mood hit, and even the StarTribune.   

One huge miss for me is the ability to see live music.  I used to constantly have two or three concerts upcoming on the calendar, and I loved the anticipation of the impending shows.  It gave me something really fun to look forward to doing, and even though I'd often go by myself as my musical tastes don't align with my wife or my friends, I never cared, and always enjoyed the unique experience that a live show provides.   

Unfortunately, very few acts' tours take them to Green Bay, and it just kills me.  However, I'm happy to report that I now have three events scheduled, and all three should be outstanding.   

1) Lyle Lovette and His Large Band will be playing in Appleton next month, and I was able to snatch up tickets immediately as they were released.  Due to moving quickly and a lot of luck, we have 4th row seats, so it should be incredible.  This will be 5th time my wife and I will see him, and his concerts are always great fun.  The performance is the night before our anniversary, and we hope that Francine Reed is still part of the band.   

2) Hands down my new favorite bands is Bon Iver, and one of my all-time favorite artists is Kathleen Edwards.  They happen to be touring together, and will make a stop in Minneapolis for two shows in early September.  Unfortunately, the concert is on a Tuesday night.  After debating it with myself for a couple of weeks, I broke down and bought a seat through a ticket broker at 4x the face value and will attend.  The good news is that it is a great seat - 7th row.  The bad news is I have no idea how I'm going to arrange my schedule to attend this thing and get to work the next morning.  Here's Bon Iver's title track from their latest release: 

3) I've written of my love of the Trailer Park Boys before, and they happen to be touring.  My wife and I will attend their show in Milwaukee in October.  Not sure what to expect - it will likely either be hilarious or a total bust;  will all depend on how their comedy translates into a live environment.  I'll be meeting up with my brother the next day and driving to South Bend to catch the Irish against Air Force, so it will great weekend regardless of how the TPB concert pans out.

Finally!  It feels great to have some upcoming shows to look forward to attending.  As always, I'll be posting up reviews upon their completion.   

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