Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jeff Foiles Goes to Jail; Wildfowl Magazine Oblivious

Jeff Foiles is a waterfowl hunting guide, waterfowl hunting video creator, and call maker.  He's also a repugnant face of the state of waterfowling.  Perpetual sneer, face painted in camo (even the dog's face is painted), and pile upon pile of dead quarry.  It's almost like he's trying to make up for something.

I get it, he kills a lot of birds.  While I don't admonish anyone from taking their daily and possession limits, Mr. Foiles did well beyond that and has copped a plea to spend one year in Federal prison despite a multitude of complaints filed against him.  I was going to write all about it, but the subject is covered expertly at the River Mud blog, and I instead direct your attention there. 

In the mean time, while Foiles bangs out license plates for this hunting season, the idiots at Wildfowl Magazine decided to feature this excrement and his new "Crime Scene" goose calls as part of their 2011 gear issue. 

Save the excuses about lead times for magazines and that they didn't know Foiles was going to be convicted - his troubles have been known for months now, but still Wildfowl decided to cater to the lowest common denominator of its readership. 

Shame on you, Foiles, for being the game pig you are.  Shame on you as well for rubbing everyone's nose in it with the "Crime Scene" calls.  How the judge didn't throw the book at you just for that is beyond me. 

Shame on you as well, Wildfowl.  What the hell are you guys thinking?

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