Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Gillette Hates Men

I don't even know where to begin with this, other than what Gillette thinks about their target audience is about as messed up as it gets.  

It is now so in vogue to hate men that companies that actually sell men's products overtly hate them.

Don't believe me?  Watch the ad again.

Sick, sick, sick.    

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Feeling Sorry for Ourselves

Life is damned hard.  No matter who we are, we will experience great loss.  We will suffer unspeakable pain.  We will try and endure painful illness.  Ultimately, we'll die.  Life is difficult, for everyone, and it's easy to feel sorry for ourselves.

Fr. Don spoke to this recently:

In Lamentations 3:23 we hear that God’s mercies are new each day. On our part, each day can see a new beginning. An unhappy past, a bad day, a bad week, a bad experience must not sour us on today, tomorrow, the future. A middle-aged writer in the course of an interview revealed that as a child of ten he had come home from school to find his mother murdered. Years later and with that singular background he was able to sum up what that experience and life had taught him, something helpful for us as we begin again. He said: "The abandonment of self-pity is the beginning of wisdom." There is no reason we should not put behind us the hurts and failures of yesterday and begin anew today.

Hard to do, indeed, especially when we're mired in the middle of a painful episode.  Maybe it would make things easier to look around and recognize and those you see either have, are, or will be suffering a similar fate.  We are comrades in pain, and through his passion and crucifixion, even Jesus joins us.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

When Working Out Doesn't Work Out

It's cold up here this morning.  Temps are below zero, and a massive west wind has been howling for two days now.  Wind chill is solidly in the -20s.  The house is cold.

Hence, when my eyes fluttered open this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my warm bed.  However, it was 4:45, and I was already fifteen minutes behind my usual schedule.  I needed to get to the gym and work out.

I trudged to the car, opened the garage door, and was slapped with that massive wind.  It's the kind that truly takes your breath away when it hits you the right way.  Regardless, fitness waits for no one, so into my vehicle I hop and down the road I go.

I arrive at the gym after a quick 10-minute drive but am dreading the walk across the parking lot in my shorts.   As I hopped into the early morning wind, indeed I did regret my choice of apparel.  I hustled my pace and quickly arrived at the door and flashed my key card as I'd done so many times before.

"BEEP"  Green light.

However, when I went to open the door it remained locked.  I repeated the process approximately 28 more times in the frigid cold in my shorts, but to no avail.

There are a lot of reasons why one can miss their morning workout; everything from a lack of fortitude to just needing to get an extra hour of sleep.  

A broken door at the gym should not be one of those reasons.  Ever.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Ohio Accepting Corporate Tax Remittance Via Bitcoin

Forbes recently reported that Ohio has made the brilliant decision to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment of corporate taxes.

I'm not kidding - here's the article.

They did not state in the article if magic beans will be accepted to pay off tax liability, but if they're not, surely they can't be far behind.

It's one thing if you choose to accept that form of currency, but for a government to forgo US dollars and choose instead to accept taxes via a highly speculative currency with zero financial backing seems the height of irresponsibility.

If I was an Ohio resident, I'd be screaming bloody murder.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why Do Men Get Paid More than Women? Because they Die

In 2019, I don't buy the argument that men make more than women for similar work.  Note the emphasis.  Do men make, on average in total, more than women?  Yes.  Yes, they do.

Why?  Well, one reason is because they're pretty much the only ones that die while doing their jobs:

If women died on the job at this level and this percentage, there'd be an outcry.  But there's not with men.  Men are expendable.  Yes, we still need logs, fish, roofs, etc., and in order to convince them to take those jobs, they'll be paid well.  But is it nearly all men putting their lives on the line.  Let's not kid ourselves.

As for women getting paid less for doing the exact same job, I don't buy that in the least.  We're in an economy with basically no unemployment - those without a job basically either don't want one or are completely unemployable.  If you're an employer that is paying their talent less based on their gender, I can guarantee your competition is more than willing to pay those same resources a fair wage.  The only way they would not is if there were some kind of collusion going on among competitors.  

You really think that's happening?  If so, I'd argue you know jack about business.

Women can do pretty much anything a man can, with a couple of exceptions related to physical strength.  They should be exactly the same as their male counterparts that are generating similar production.  However, until the chart above gets more in the range of 50% male, can we please move on from the pay disparity argument? 

Men die on the job.  Women don't.  End of story.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ready for the New Year

Here at YDP, we close the book on 2018.  We had the loss of folks we deeply loved, and it's hard to look beyond that and call it a good year.  Indeed, as I get older, it sure feels like my world gets smaller.  I've deleted far too many names from my iPhone, and miss far too many people that I love so much.

We've also had serious illness and struggles of those we love.  For many, those struggles remain, and more difficult times are on the horizon.  

Nah, not a good year.  That being said, blessings abound, and there is so much for which we can be thankful.  And with that, we look forward to the New Year, and the hope that it affords.

Goodbye, 2018.  Good to have you firmly in the rearview mirror.

Welcome, 2019.  Can't wait to see what's in store.