Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Minnesota Seeking to Adopt Red Flag Law

It took the Democrats in Minnesota about two minutes to set up their anti-gun agenda, and one of the first bills they're looking to pass is a "red flag" law.  Under this law, those that feel that you could be a harm to yourself and others can report you to the police, who will summarily come over to your house and confiscate all of your firearms.

Only one teensy problem: There are already a massive amount of people that truly believe that you are already a danger to yourself and society for merely owning a firearm.  Period.  

Time to call the cops!

We've already seen the IRS and the FBI weaponized against political opponents.  We also have already seen people killed by "red flag" laws - it's the new swatting.  This is simple confiscation, pure and undiluted.

Own a gun?  Expect a knock at your door...

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