Saturday, December 15, 2018

Friday, December 14, 2018

New Walleye Harvest Rules for Leech Lake

Currently, Leech Lake, the jewel of Minnesota's walleye lakes, has a slot configuration of less than 20" fish may be kept, with one over 26", and a limit of four total.

As one that has angled for the denizens of that beautiful body of water, I know all too well the pain of turning a beautiful 22" walleye back into the water instead of into my frying pan.

Not any more!

The Minnesota DNR just announced that configurations were changing for Leech.  The 4 fish limit still applied, but now one of those four can be over 20".  That makes a massive difference, especially with multiple anglers in the boat.  It will mean the difference between empty livewells and well-appointed fish fries.  

For over a decade now, the fishing on Leech Lake has gotten better and better.  It's nice to see the walleye population now back to a level where an adjustment like this can be employed.

Get the net! 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

My DNA Update

I got contacted from the folks at Ancestry about my DNA results.  As more data has entered into their system, they have been better able to reflect my ancestors with more geographic specificity, and they provided me with an update.  I now break down along the following lines:

From my last read, I lost any connection to Spain (16%!), as well as some areas that came in at less than 1%.  I also gained some specificity to the area of Leinster in Ireland.  <1 concentrated="" font="" i="" in="" ireland="" leinster.="" m="" more="" nbsp="" reads.="" specificity="" to="" with="">

Alas, I still have no Native American blood, although I am still about as close as Elizabeth Warren.  

All fun aside, I do regret doing this test in the first place.  DNA testing is evolving at a rapid rate, and its potential use for nefarious reasons grows at a daily level.  Could one be rejected for health care because their DNA reflected a disposition for some kind of future malady?  Given our current environment, such a situation does not seem that far off, and I hate that someone out there has my DNA and all that it can tell about me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

After Pigfest, Vikes Fire OC

In a really important game Monday night in Seattle, the Minnesota Viking offense failed to show up.  Since it's hard to win when you don't score points, another fine defensive effort was wasted and the team sustained another critical loss.  

Thielen was ignored, as was Rudolph.  The running game was anemic.  More than all of that, Kirk Cousins looked absolutely brutal.  He missed obvious reads, missed open receivers, and missed another opportunity to finally be a true leader to this team.  

He didn't miss cashing his paycheck, though...

Since Cousins has an $80MM guaranteed contract and we can't fire him, we did the next best thing and fired the offensive coordinator.  If this move doesn't bring about the necessary change, the next move will be to fire Zimmer.  After that, we're pretty much out of options.

Despite all of this football futility, our favorite team is still in the thick of a playoff hunt.  Indeed, the Vikes really control their own destiny.  With upcoming games against Miami and Detroit, there is no reason they can't win both.  That brings us to week 17 against the Bears, and depending on how things shake out, the game may be moot for the Monsters of the Midway.  

Hence, the Vikings have no excuse on missing the playoffs.  They just need to execute.

Or get executed.  Like their offensive coordinator did.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

US Life Expectancy Declines

It is 2017, and in the United States, hunger doesn't exist, and disease is insignificant and survivable.  Never in the history of humankind have people had access to better nutrition, healthcare, information, education, technology, etc. 

Despite this, we're not living as long as we used to.  Our life expectancy in 2017 is shorter than it was in 2016.

What's happening?  Mostly, we're overdosing, and we're committing suicide:

Some answers are obvious.  Easy access and high addiction rates to opioids have driven these numbers, as has the booming heroin trade.  However, this doesn't explain the whole thing, and I'd offer some likely culprits:

  • Our turning away from religion
  • The continuing war men, which leaving men feeling irrelevant and rudderless
  • Social media, in which our lives are under constant comparison, and in which hate is perpetually on display
  • The continuing push to make drugs "no big deal" 
  • Loneliness.  It's an absolute crisis, and drive by every point listed above
What do we do?  I don't see any of the trends I highlighted above abating anytime soon.  In fact, I'd expect that they will all continue to grow.

Which means our future life expectancy will continue to fall.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Shale Changes Everything

America is the world's largest oil producer.

For those of us that grew up in the days of OPEC, those words are hard to wrap our heads around.  However, it's true, and the impact of having so much supply under the control of the freest country in the history of humankind are substantive.

The best write up of the situation is from an article by Walter Russell Mead, and I share it here for your review.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Palessi Shoes

This is old news, but relevant to me as we're in deep conversations about enlisting the help of brand ambassadors.  

As you can see, if you pay someone enough and set the right stage, they'll say anything.

And that's exactly why we won't do it: