Wednesday, January 9, 2019

When Working Out Doesn't Work Out

It's cold up here this morning.  Temps are below zero, and a massive west wind has been howling for two days now.  Wind chill is solidly in the -20s.  The house is cold.

Hence, when my eyes fluttered open this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my warm bed.  However, it was 4:45, and I was already fifteen minutes behind my usual schedule.  I needed to get to the gym and work out.

I trudged to the car, opened the garage door, and was slapped with that massive wind.  It's the kind that truly takes your breath away when it hits you the right way.  Regardless, fitness waits for no one, so into my vehicle I hop and down the road I go.

I arrive at the gym after a quick 10-minute drive but am dreading the walk across the parking lot in my shorts.   As I hopped into the early morning wind, indeed I did regret my choice of apparel.  I hustled my pace and quickly arrived at the door and flashed my key card as I'd done so many times before.

"BEEP"  Green light.

However, when I went to open the door it remained locked.  I repeated the process approximately 28 more times in the frigid cold in my shorts, but to no avail.

There are a lot of reasons why one can miss their morning workout; everything from a lack of fortitude to just needing to get an extra hour of sleep.  

A broken door at the gym should not be one of those reasons.  Ever.

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