Friday, July 29, 2011

Columbia's $1,200 Hunting Jacket - 10 Things It SHOULD Do

This new product is hitting the fall catalogs - it is a battery-heated hunting jacket from Columbia.  Now, at the touch of a button you can be toasty warm while the weather outside is dealing its worst.  Beyond that, the coat can even do things like charge your iPhone.  Not sure if you can plug a coffee maker into it, but for $1,200 you should be able to do just that.

In fact, for $1,200 here is a list of other things that it should be able to do for you while you're out duck hunting:
  1. Provide aerial radar coverage (with subtle alarm for napping hunters) to highlight inbound birds
  2. Respond to any emails, especially those from work
  3. Broadcast ESPN's Sportscenter
  4. Leverage an "Egg Poach Pocket" for blind breakfasts
  5. Recharge spinning wing decoy batteries 
  6. Play the entire Led Zeppelin library
  7. Jump start the dead battery of your truck
  8. Glow in an unearthly green glow to aid in setting up decoys in the pitch black
  9. Mix up a perfect batch of post-hunt margaritas
  10. Make that cool noise like Bubb Rubb's car "WOO WOO"

Then, and only then, would I be willing to plunk down $1,200 for a hunting coat.

Hat tip to Fuzzy for the lead


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