Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Duck Forecast: Outstanding

The US Fish and Wildlife service recently released their results for their duck breeding population survey, and the numbers are fantastic.  Everything points to a incredible year this year for duck hunting, which is about the only good to come out of the massive snows (and subsequent flooding) that the Midwest had to endure last winter and spring.  

Being 6 hours from my duck camp, it is going to be hard to take advantage of this as much as I'd like.  I'll definitely get 3-4 weekends in, but it will fall well short of the 10 I used to routinely log.  I'd really like to find some place close to where I live that my yellow dog and I could hunt, but I basically have no spare time anymore and have no time to invest in the miles and hours that good scouting requires.  

I'll have to try and settle for quality and not quantity this year, and if these numbers are right, I'm hopeful I can be successful doing so.  

Chart courtesy of Delta Waterfowl

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