Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taxes Paying for Foreign Mosques

As Washington debates spending cuts and tax increasing, taking us right to the precipice of default, I have a good place where they could start.

It takes very little research to understand how the Middle East works - it is how it has worked for thousands of years.  And by actions such as these we are seen not only as fools, but as the "weak horse," as Bin Laden used to call us. 

This expenditure, in light of our economic condition and history, is beyond incredible.  It is abject capitulation.

Hat tip to my cousin - thanks for the story lead


  1. You are correct. This is another Bush Policy that we need to ratify/cut in order to curtail our Growing Deficit. I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. To verify my point I did a little research and my assumption was correct.

    Just like most republicans you get all emotional, bark out the common cry of your far right pundits, and fail to get the facts. Here let me help you.

  3. Thanks David.

    Actually, nowhere in my post did I blame democrats or the current administration. In fact I don't care if Regan set it up, it's lousy policy. We agree.

    But you missed that, as like most democrats you get your undies in a bunch, excuse poor behavior because "republicans did it too," and fail to see the point.

    Here, I hope I helped you.


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