Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trigeminal Neuralgia Update

A number of you have asked for an update, and in looking back in my posts I see that I've not published one in over a year now. 

And that's good news. 

The Trigeminal Neuralgia is under good control. I have enough random toothaches, temporal pain, jaw soreness and head pressure to know that I've not experienced any kind of remission, but all of the above is quite manageable. 

I'm taking a lower dose of Carbamazepine than what has been prescribed to me, and have been doing so for over six months now, and that tactic appears to be working well. While I don't advise going against doctors' orders, I do want to build as much runway with the drug as I possibly can in the event that I ever need it. I'd much rather control this via meds than by neurosurgery. 

Overall, it has been a very good year as far as suffering from this disease, and I've been quite lucky.

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