Monday, July 4, 2011

Minnesota DNR Takes Ball Home, Shuts Down Website

In a completely classless act, the Minnesota DNR is having many (most?) of its web pages automatically redirected to the above. 

Yeah, I know your department is "shut down."  But there are hundreds of pages on the MN DNR website that could still be serving the public, and for which the public has paid, that could still be up and running while the lockout continues.   

Instead, the DNR chose a "scorched earth" policy.  No access to their information at all.  Despite the fact that we paid for those pages. 

It is exactly a move like this that makes the taxpaying public despise the government sector.

DNR, I'm sure you attempted to demonstrate to the public how vital your services are by locking out the public from your self-service areas.  Instead, you come across as petulant children.

Shame on you.

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