Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Tragic Passing of Amy Winehouse

As has been widely reported, Amy Winehouse died from an overdose yesterday.  It is truly a tragic event.  She was deeply troubled by chemical addition for years, and as a society we kind of stood on the sidelines and watched her die; in some instances laughing along the way. 

Now I know that many reached out to her, and ultimately the addict must eventually be the one that pulls themselves out of their nosedive.  The unfortunate part of addiction is that some have the ability to break their cycles, and others do not and ultimately die.  Nobody in their right mind would choose to live the life of a drunk or a junkie, and that's what makes the disease so hideous - the right mind is removed from the equation. 

Regardless of the circumstances of her passing, the death of Amy Winehouse is just sad.  A couple of notes:

  • When we heard the news yesterday, my wife correctly pointed out that nobody sounded like Amy when she first appeared, which is absolutely correct.  Her sound and style was completely unique, and her talent massive.  So instead of posting crappy YouTube videos of her drunk at her concerts (like so many sadistically enjoy), let's see that talent on display: 

  • I need to make a tip of the hat to Jake Fogelnest of Siris/XM for his treatment of the event.  He handled it with a decorum that was professional, personal, and touching.  With rare exception, he's the only one that really got to the heart of the matter - that somebody died here, and died in a very sad and tragic fashion.  He set a great example for the rest of the media to follow, and it would be a much better world if they did.  Thanks, Jake.    
Rest in peace, Amy. 

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