Thursday, May 12, 2011

MLB.TV on Apple TV - A Review: Buyer Beware

With our move to Green Bay, I decided to buy Apple TV, as well as a subscription to MLB.TV as a means to watching my beloved Twins going forward.  I sure as hell was not going to become a Brewers fan, although to do still have Gomez, and I still like to watch him play. 

Set up of the system could not have been easier, and within minutes I was watching Dick and Bert calling the game just like I was still in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, there are some problems. 
  • The MLB.TV feed is not good.  Not at all.  While games should be broadcast in High Definition, I'd say only 25% of my game feed ever comes through in HD.  The rest is pixilated, broken up, and unclear.  Note this is not an Apple TV issue; my Netflix movies downloaded from the same system come in HD no problem. 
  • Other features and functionalities that MLB.TV touts don't come on the Apple TV system.  The only features I have are pause, play, fast forward (without images), and rewind (ditto).  Nowhere in MLB.TV advertising do they say that Apple TV owners will be suffering with such a rudimentary system. 
  • The Twins suck.  I mean flat out suck.  They have the worst record in baseball, are losers of five straight, and show no signs of improvement.  They're on pace to be realistically out of the race before May is over.  As such, I can't watch the games anymore, or when I do, I only watch the at-bats for hitters 1-6 in the lineup as the other hitters and action on the defensive side of the game are not worthy of my time and attention (save for Frankie's no hitter). 
Thankfully I've gone back to watching The Trailer Park Boys via Netflix, so my evenings are at least back to being entertaining.  And speaking of entertaining, season seven of that show is simply one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV.  If it wasn't for that little show every night, Apple and MLB would both be looking at a return from me. 

Disappointments abound. 

On a lot of levels.  

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