Monday, May 9, 2011

Door County Vacation Notes

For my wife’s birthday, we spent last weekend in Door County.  While I had heard lots about the area, I’d never been there, and while it didn’t sound like a place I’d much enjoy, I was surprised by the following:
  • The area is very pretty.  Not quite Minnesota north shore pretty, but close.  I have to believe that in the fall when the leaves turn or in the spring when the thousands of area cherry trees come into bloom, it will look incredible.  
  • We didn’t make if off of the beaten path as my wife wanted to shop (remember, it was her birthday), but I can see there were lots of options for hiking, biking, and hitting the lake. 
  • Just about every restaurant there offers a nightly “fish boil.”  After walking into one restaurant, learning that it would be the only thing they’d be selling that night, and catching a big sniff of what was being served, my wife and I promised each other that we’d not ever do one of these.  You can find about a fish boil here. 
  • We had a great dinner of small plates at the wine bar at The Cookery, and had a wonderful stay and dinner at The Whistling Swan Hotel.  Both are highly recommended. 
Given how much my wife enjoyed our trip, and give that it is just a short hour or so from Green Bay, I’m sure we’ll be back. 

I just hope my credit card is up to it.

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