Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weber Spirit E-320 - My Most Recent Accomplishment

I believe that mechanical aptitude is something with which one is born.  Spatial relations is a key asset, as is patience, creativity, and an engineering mindset.  While some of these can be developed or honed, I think we're limited in some ways by what's given to us at birth, and despite how we try, some of the limitations provided by nature cannot be completely overcome. 

I tee all of this up as I stink at putting things together.  It is frustrating, anxiety-causing, and just plain not fun.  I blame all of this on my dad.  My dad was horrible with his hands.  I mean horrible.  Anything that got built in our house growing up was done either by my mom or by my maternal grandfather.  And while most kids learned how to fix things from their dads, the only thing I learned from mine as he attempted to work was profanity.  And it that medium, he was a true virtuoso.  His vocabulary when it came to swearing was colossal, and his creative use of the medium, especially in the use of compound words, was something to behold. 

So when our new Weber grill arrived, I looked at the opened box with dozens of parts with equal parts of loathing and trepidation.  But I was blessed with good weather and a number of hours with nothing better to do, so I dove into the task.  Here's the end result: 

While not without flaws - I have 6 washers left over from something - I was able to pull it off in a couple of hours.  Oh yes, I did engage in massive amounts of profanity (I am my father's son), but in the end it all came together. 

Now I know that the way things are constructed at this date, a trained ape could have done it.  I also know that somebody with some skills could have knocked this project out a hour earlier than I did.  Regardless, I still found a strong sense of satisfaction with completing the process.  While I know it is no big deal to others, every time I use this grill going forward there will be a quiet voice in the back of my head that says "You put this together!" 

Pathetic, huh?  

As for the grill, it is fabulous.  When grilling, I usually forgo gas as I like the flavor that charcoal imparts when cooking, but gas is great for something quick like chicken fillets, kabobs, vegetables, burgers or bratwurst. And that's surely the case with this one.  Temperature controls are surprisingly sensitive, allowing you to control with heat with precision.  There's plenty of work space.  And the side burner is great for cranking out the meal all at one station, and will be even better for frying fish outside. 

I'm a big fan of what Weber does in grills.  While this isn't a cheap grill, you do get what you pay for, and this will be something that serves us for years.  I'm thrilled with the purchase, especially when you can get it from Amazon with free shipping.  Considering the box is nearly 150 pounds, that shipping offer itself is a great deal. 

The grill construction dragon has been slayed.  The beer fridge is stocked.  The meat market is right down the road.   Now we just need some good weather and some friends.  

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