Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Francisco Liriano No Hitter - A First Step, of Just Falling Forward?

Last night the Twins fielded a team that had 7 batters that were batting below .240.  They were starting a pitcher with over a 9.00 ERA.  They boasted the worst record in MLB.  And finally, by the night was over, they lived up to some of the preseason high expectations as Francisco Liriano scatted 6 walks and delivered the first no-hitter of 2011 MLB season to the rival White Sox. 

It was not a dominant showing - Liriano walked too many and got a favorable call in the 7th, the bats were silent except for Kubel (same story as all year long) - but it worked, as Frankie got not only his first no-no, but also his first shut out and his first complete game. 

When the sun rises, things are still going to be tough.  The Twins will still be 9 1/2 games out, they'll still have a starting catcher that is batting .100 (no rounding - a legit .100), and they'll still be looking at a daunting task to get back into the mix.  But a journey of a hundred miles starts with the first step, and Liriano made a great big one.  Hopefully the rest of the team can contribute and they can propel along. Because the only other movement is falling flat on their collective face.  We'll see what happens. 

In the mean time, congratulations to Francisco on the rare feat.  It was fun to watch.

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  1. True, but in my opinion a no hitter with six walks is not quite the same thing. Still an accomplishment, no doubt. But not pristine either.


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