Sunday, May 1, 2011

Minnesota Sports Hits Rock Bottom

It is safe to say that Minnesota sports has officially hit its bottom.  Don't believe me?  Let's review:
  • The Wild, Wolves, Gopher Hockey and Basketball all finished horrible seasons that did not result in any kind of post-season participation.  All look to continue such performance for the upcoming season. 
  • Gopher football had another lackluster recruiting season, and will likely miss going to a bowl again this season. 
  • Vikings football still hasn't fixed their embarrassing stadium, completely soiled themselves in the draft, and will struggle to stay out of the conference cellar. 
  • The Twins are one loss and a Cleveland win away from a double-digit games-behind deficit before the month of May even starts.  As a team that has prided itself on doing the little things right, in this short season they've made miscue after miscue in the field and on the base paths in such a way as to threaten Gardy's livelihood.  Oh, and they have the worst record in MLB. 
Simply put, for Minnesota sports fans, there is not one thing, not one, for which there can be optimism. 

While all of the franchises above have struggled in the past, I cannot remember a period when they've all been so bad simultaneously.


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