Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top Five Sports for Fat Guys

Bobsleigh Four-Man - Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Congratulations to Steve Holcomb and the rest of the crew for their gold-medal effort.  In honor of this finely honed athlete, let's pay tribute to the top five sports where husky guys can dominate:

5) Baseball - Hard to be a big guy and break in, unless you're a pitcher.  But once you're in, feel free to put on the feed bag.  Been that way a long time, going way back to Babe Ruth.  Modern day exaples include All-Stars like John Kruk, Tony Gwynn, Cecil (and now Prince) Fielder, and our own beloved Kent Hrbek.

4) Golf - Tim Herron and John Daly.  Nuff said.

3) Football - Too many examples to mention, especially when every team has at least one guy that's nicknamed "big daddy."

2) Sumo - Fat guys.  Diapers.  Goes without saying.

1) Bobsled - Congrats, Steve.  I envy your local Dominoe's franchise tonight.

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