Sunday, February 7, 2010

Concert Review for The Who Superbowl Halftime Show

The Who performs at halftime during Super Bowl XLIV in Miami
Random thoughts on The Who's Super Bowl halftime performance:

  • I kind of have an issue with them billing themselves as The Who with Keith Moon dead since 1978 and John Entwistle dead since 2002. I know bands go on after personnel changes, but damn guys, the whole rhythm section is pushing up daisies. Why not bill as Daltrey and Townsend?
  • Pinball Wizard was a huge mistake. If Daltrey can't hit the high notes anymore, just skip it.
  • The light show was outstanding, and Townsend showed he still has significant guitar chops.
  • When Pete Townsend's shirt came up during one of his patented windmill moves to reveal his dead-fish old man gut, I about tossed my football snacks.
  • Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again were really solid.

Of all the recent halftime performances, this was pretty darn forgettable.

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