Monday, February 15, 2010

Mash Harbour Chronicles: Bahamas Day 2

With a strong north wind, we held off on the boat rental one day and decided to do the day trip around the main island. Courtesy of some fine navigation and amphibious driving by Capt. Randy, we went way off the beaten path to one of the Bahamas' famous Blue Holes. Here's the video:

The top layer of the hole, some 50 feet or so, is fresh water, and we found out later that salt water lies below. Marky, Andy and I snorkeled it, and the drop off to absolutely nothing is downright chilling. Despite its small size from the surface, it is freaky to see with mask and fins.

As we were drying off and enjoying a fine Kalik Light, a Jeep happened to pull up with some scuba divers from a local dive shop. With the big winds, ocean dives in the agitated water would make things difficult to see, so a blue hole dive fit the bill. We watched them prepare then stood, mouths agape, as they disappeared into the blackness in a scant amount of minutes. All that was left were their bubbles.

The dive master told us that he had heard that the bottom was about 250 feet, although he had also heard that bottom had never truly been seen. He believed the latter. Along the sides, though, were supposed to be some fabulous caves.

Not for me, thanks.

After our adventure, we headed over to Treasure Cay for some beach, lunch, and drinks. As you can see, the weather wasn't perfect, but it beat the hell out of Minnesota:

A Valentine's Day dinner at Mangoes capped off a nice day. It sounds like the weather will be better tomorrow, which is good. We're all getting antsy to get on the ocean.

More tomorrow.

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