Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mash Harbour Chronicles: Bahamas Day 1

After a full week of solid 14 hour days, the day for departure finally arrived. With a 6:10AM wheels up and needing to drop off the Yellow Dog at the dogsitter, that meant I was up at 2:30AM for shower, final arrangements, and hitting the road.

Travel was uneventful. Despite a tough layover window of 1 hour in Miami, we arrived with plenty of time to spare. The cattle call that is the regional portion of the Miami International Airport was a bit of a nightmare, as evidenced by this picture of the team, collectively trying to stay out of other travelers’ ways.

A big north wind made the flight to Marsh Harbour a bit of a roller coaster, and Andy felt the effects most, so when we finally touched down we were all thankful to finally be here in this beautiful country.

We had a late lunch at Snappa’s, followed by a nap, a couple of movie, then back to bed. It was the most sleep I’ve had in months. Much needed, and welcomed.

Here are some photos of where we’re staying. The house is quite large with four bedrooms and three baths, and is literally surrounded by the ocean. As you can see, the weather is spotty, but things can change on a dime down here, so we know we’ll ultimately have a good day.

The views are, in order, inside lower level, view from western deck, inside upper level, view from eastern deck. Beautiful.
It is wonderful to be back in this beautiful country with our friends. I really, really needed this.

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