Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mash Harbour Chronicles: Bahamas Day 5: More Wind

Huge NW winds kept the team confined to a narrow portion of big ocean yesterday. We made a shorter run to Witch Point and set up there as our beach of the day. Water temps were cooler, so there wasn’t any snorkeling that was executed, but we all got in some walks and numerous games of Ladder Golf.

In fact, we were so into the games that we almost didn’t make it off the beach.

Four of us were involved in a heated rematch that we decided to complete prior to heading to lunch. While we were engaged in that, Andy decided to do some clean up and get ready for our departure. She moved some bags to the boat, and then came to the quick realization that she could not move the boat – the tide had gone out so fast that a good portion of our trusty vessel was resting in the sand.

We immediately pushed the panic button and all rushed to the water. The rate that the tide was going out, we had about 5 minutes to solve our predicament until we’d be stuck for good, or at least until the tide came back in, over 6 hours later.

We showed good teamwork, freed the bow, leveraged the big winds, and ultimately got the stern floating as well. It took all six of us, but the crisis was averted. We headed off to Angler’s at the Abaco Inn for a well-deserved cocktail and a late lunch.

Weather is similar today, although wind has let up some. We’re off to find another beach and do it all again. Except this time, we'll pay more close attention to the tides.

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