Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Comforts and Sleep Deprivation

The Yellow Dog team (minus any yellow dogs) made its annual trip south to visit the Black Dog Division of the Yellow Dog Patrol. We've returned with memories of many successful hunts, bags full of Louisiana boudin (thanks Doug), about five extra pounds, and my first duck band in over 10 years.

Six years ago I was lucky enough to find a whole new line of my family. Through my engagements with them over these years I've found some incredible hunting, more laughs than one would think possible, and most importantly a whole new slough of people I love, and that love me back.

It is said that God never closes a door without opening another, and the relationships I've been able to establish with my southern kin, all completed through my Dad's illness and death, proves that saying correct.

They'll be more reporting on this trip, including a Louisiana duck hunting report, but right now the YDP is sleep deprived and behind on work. Look for more soon.

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