Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mash Harbour Chronicles: Bahamas Day 3: Beach, Boat, Bars

Instead of the party cloudy day that was forecast, we got the perfect day yesterday. We took our boat to our favorite island, and hung out there a good long time. While snorkeling was not as good as previous years, at least the water temperature was such that it could be accomplished.

Here's more information on our favorite little spot:

In taking the boat to a late lunch, we ran across this pair of dolphins, and actually got some OK footage:

We hit Harbour's Edge in Hope Town for some much-needed fuel (food and otherwise). Hope Town is one of my favorite spots down here, and the view from our table at Harbour's Edge looks just like a real-life Jimmy Buffet song:

Weather today looks like a total bust, but given how sunburned many of us our, a day off may not be a bad thing.

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