Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yellow Dog Goes AWOL

It was 30 degrees last night, and the deck had over a foot and a half of snow on it. In Minnesota, that means it was a perfect environment for grilling!

A quick stop at the grocery store to secure some fine Angus steaks and fresh asparagus, combined with a really nice wine from the rack downstairs (John Gott 2005 Zinfandel) meant that the home team would be feasting restaurant-style right here in our humble abode. It turned out to be a fantastic dinner.

As a reader of this space, you know that the Yellow Dog's job every morning is to fetch the paper, and the next morning was no exception. Unfortunately, the route she takes requires that she run right past the deck (and, subsequently, the grill) on her morning fetch, and sometimes the freshly-used grill just tweaks that incredible nose of hers and calls her in for a review of the situation.

Hence, when I let the dog out, I figured her delay in returning had everything to do with the grill. When more minutes had passed, I knew something was definitely up, officially counted her as AWOL and went on a recovery mission.

That's when I came upon her, engaged in a frantic effort to open the sample box of Fiber One that had been delivered with the paper. By the time I pulled her off, all that was left was this carnage:
Luckily the package held, although how it resisted those motivated and razor-like canine teeth of hers remains a miracle. And a good thing too. You see, the Yellow Dog is pretty darn gassy just on standard Eukanuba. If she ingested fiber cereal, she likely would have had to spend the rest of the day in the garage until the flatulence storm had past.

Dog ownership is never, ever boring.

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  1. Hilarious! You are such a buzz kill to Deuce. I also cannot believe poor Deuce has to eat Eukanuba. Spike was gassy on that too. Try Natural Balance Lamb and Rice. Spike is no longer gassy. . . .


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