Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terra Waconia Restaurant Review

While we were quite saddened by the demise of The Green Room, we were heartened to hear that the restaurant would soon reopen as "Terra Waconia," and would retain much of the staff and menu favorites that we've come to love.

We stopped in last Friday, and immediately noticed a number of subtle changes in room decor that really added to the ambiance of the place. The room just felt more warm.

We were put off a little that printed menus don't exist - the only accounting for the bill of fare was a chalkboard behind the bar. It was nice to see some old favorites (Brussels sprouts and mussels were just two examples), but were really put off that a seafood dish wasn't available. Hello - it's a Friday night during Lent, and there's a reason why McDonalds is running all of those Fillet-o-Fish ads. Because of this, we actually got our coats back on and headed for the door.

Prior to leaving, my wife stopped by to tell the waitress the reason behind our departure. She immediately sped over and apologized for no letting us know about the sole special, and that got us to remove our coats and sit back down.

My wife started with the fig salad and I did the mussels, and both were wonderful. The sole was indeed special, and the entire evening turned out to be a good one.

While they still appear to have some bugs to work out, it was nice to get back to getting a great meal in Waconia. We will continue our support, and wish them well.

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  1. Did you Moisturize at the restaurant or after dinner or even before or after writing this review?

    Your Former Colleague


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