Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Donnas NYC Concert Review and Set List

Prior to coming to NYC for the Search Engine Strategies conference, I searched to see what bands were playing in town over the event. I was thrilled to see that The Donnas would be in town, cranking out their all-girl, in-your-face rock. Of course, I was quick to get some tickets to see the girls kick some ass.

We attended the show at a nice, intimate venue; the Highline Ballroom. Think of it as a very cozy 1st Avenue. The girls did not disappoint.

Here’s the set list, to the best of my recollection:

It’s Time to Rock
Friends Like Mine
Who Invited You
Smoke You Out
All Messed Up
Like an Animal
Fall Behind Me
Not the One
5 O’clock in the Morning
Take it Off

Random notes:

  • We caught the opening band, the Gorevettes; another girl band. Raw but good. Their guitar player was the linchpin, and seemed to have some significant chops.
  • Total crowd was probably 500. For the Donnas? In New York City? Give me a break! A band this big in a town this big should have had 10X the crowd.
  • Small crowd means great view, and we were about five people deep from the stage.  Simply incredible.
  • While I dis NYC for the total crowd, I give serious props for the fans there that night. They were much, much bigger than their numbers.
  • The song of the night? Strutter, the old Kiss standby. Knocked it out of the park.
  • I missed a couple of songs, especially Take Me to the Back Seat and Too Bad About Your Girl, and thought the band could have played a lot longer had they chosen to do so. They left a lot of material off the table, as you can clearly see by the short set list.
  • Allison Robertson, their guitarist, is hands down a rock star. Save for a couple of songs, she was incredible tonight.
Please come to see us in Minnesota, ladies. I think our numbers, and enthusiasm, can be on par with NYC.

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