Wednesday, March 10, 2010

StarTribune: Twins' Target Field is Racist!

Hold on to your breakfast.  From the StarTribune this morning comes their editorial Letter of the Day:
I'm very excited to attend a baseball game at the new Target Field. Too bad the Twins didn't select an all-fans-friendly hot dog to serve at the stadium ("Wiener winner: Schweigert," March 8). With the exception of the all-beef dog served at portable grills and select concession stands, all of the other new dogs -- including those served by vendors in the stands -- will be a combination of pork and beef. My beef with that is that many people (Jews and Muslims, for example) who do not eat pork for religious reasons will not be able to enjoy the popular Dollar-A-Dog offering and will have to spend time searching for a hot dog they can eat. Count that as one strike against the new stadium.
Letter of the Day?  Seriously, LETTER OF THE DAY?

Practicing Muslims can't drink anything from the beer vendor, either.  I think we need to close down this bastion of prejudice before we even open the door, and offer reparations (via tax on the rich) to the parties that have been offended.

Political correctness continues to run amok...

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