Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Official Ice Out On Burandt Lake; Lake Waconia Ice Out is Next

In working from home today, I was able to watch the ice go out on Burandt Lake. Lake Waconia will likely fall by the weekend.

Ice out is always a big deal for Minnesotans, as it marks in the clearest terms possible that winter is officially over, and soon around the corner is our beloved fishing season. For further proof and for more information, check out the Minnesota DNR's Ice Out page.

The weather this March has been truly remarkable, and makes up for a really cold and oppressive winter that was really merciless in its length and lack of reprieve. And it is even more remarkable to think that 30 days ago the Yellow Dog and I were walking on this very water, albeit in its solid form. Here we are looking back from the lake toward the house.

Adios, winter. I know we'll see you later this year, but until then, get your cold butt out of here.

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