Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Samaritan Anything But, As More Abuse Reported

The StarTribune reports today that yet another Good Samaritan memory care facility is being investigated for "a pattern of resident abuse," by at least 20, yes 20, nursing assistants. Health Department investigators are calling it "a system-wide failure."

Oh, by the way, this is the same company that reeled from horrific abuse by their employees at their Albert Lea facility in 2008. For details on that story, click here.

Sorry, Good Samaritan, but you get no third strikes. Your job is to care for the most needy in our society, and it clearly appears that your culture and procedures allow for abuse and mistreatment.

I know, more than most, that the jobs conducted by your employees are incredibly hard. They are not for everyone. But if you can't find caring people to hire, especially in this economy, then the issue lies with you, and not with the ones actually conducting the abuse. This is repugnant, and instead of sending out your PR guy to explain how its not as bad as Albert Lea, I'd appreciate knowing that folks got fired, prosecuted (if possible), and that you're committed to ensuring the safety and dignity of every resident under your care. It might be nice if such a message could also come from one of your senior leadership if it is not too much trouble.

As stated earlier, I know what these facilities are like, and how hard the jobs are. I pray there is a special place in heaven for those angels that care for our loved ones. And I also hope that those who abuse folks under their care also reap their appointed reward.

How I wish this was some kind of awful April Fool's joke...


  1. Thank you for being an advocate for all those who don't have a voice. This is a true tragedy and one we should all be on guard against. Do those who are abusive ever think about where they or their family members might be in the future? --- that topic should not be overlooked in training.B

  2. What an outrage. I hope these people get what's coming to them, both criminally and in civil litigation...


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