Thursday, April 29, 2010

Target Field: Visitors' Locker Room, Dugout, and Field

Our Alumni Association for St. John's University had an event last night at the new Target Field. For a small donation to the Alumni Fund we were able to get a tour, a couple of beers, and some typical ballpark fare while being able to watch the Twins choke one away at Detroit on the big screen and assorted TVs. Part of the tour got us into the visitors' locker room.

We were then able to get on the field. While we were prohibited from walking on the grass, we still got a really good look at the field from the players' perspectives.

The stadium is quite incredible, and I can't wait to finally go to a game.


  1. Loved the pics of the field - a perspective few will have the ability to enjoy - thanks, B

  2. Yellow Dog- St. Thomas also had an alumni event at the new stadium...but they let us walk on the grass and we were given three free beers.

  3. TommieGirl,

    You really know how to hit a Johnnie where it hurts...


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