Saturday, April 24, 2010

C.P. and San Antonio Pride

The one thing that has struck us on this trip are the friendly people of San Antonio. Not fake friendly; a real, genuine “glad you’re here,” attitude. Literally everyone wants to know where we’re from (it must be the Fargo accent) and what we’re doing in town. Everyone has a tip to make our trip easier. Every “thank you,” is met with a sincere and friendly “you’re welcome.” The people of San Antonio have really made this trip for us.

We met C.P. here in the bike shop, and later shared a beer with him in the Blue Star Brewing Company bar. C.P. started dropping rhymes on us from his open mic night exploits, and a favorite was one about San Antonio itself. “R” rated, so keep it away from the kiddos, but entertaining as heck.


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