Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spoon - Minneapolis Concert Review and Set List

I attended the Spoon concert at the historic 1st Avenue tonight, and the boys did not disappoint. The band was quite tight (especially drummer Jim Eno), and despite playing the second of two nights in the same venue, one felt they were as fresh as ever.

Here is the set list to the best of my recollection:
I Saw the Light
I Turn My Camera On
Jonathon Fisk
Nobody Gets Me But You
The Way We Get By
The Ghost of You Lingers
My Mathematical Mind
Stay Don't Go
Don't Make Me A Target
Love Song (cover of The Damned song)
Who Makes Your Money
Back to the Life
Someone Something
Vittorio E
They Never Got You
I Summon You
Finer Feelings
Written In Reverse
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Don't You Evah
Trouble Comes Running
The Underdog

Some notes on the evening:
  •  I still don't know who opened for them (guys, you may want to tell the crowd your name in case they're into you. You can sell stuff that way). They weren't good at all, and their drummer couldn't keep consistent time. They were in desperate need of a metronome.
  • Spoon, on the other hand, sounded wonderful. Britt Daniel's interaction with the crowd was minimal, but the band was awesome. Daniel worked his butt off, and they played just shy of two hours.
  • They have a big library, and while we got a good mix, I still missed Got Nuffin and The Mystery Zone.
  • I had the misfortune of standing behind some twenty-something couple, and the guy simply could not keep his hands off his girl. We went through four phases  1) constant contact 2) separation anxiety when she went to the ladies room (seriously, dude, dogs do better than you on that) 3) copious amounts of crotch grabbing and finally 4) too stoned, and barely awake.
  • Been a long time for me since I've been to 1st Avenue and I missed it. We're lucky to have such a venue.
  • My "Oldest Guy at the Concert" T-shirt (order yours here) got more comments than at any other concert. It is a nice conversation piece when I go to these things by myself.
Overall, Spoon was great, and I'd definitely see them again. Well done, gentlemen.

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