Friday, March 26, 2010

Carnegie Deli and Death by Reuben

I stopped by the renowned Carnegie Deli yesterday for lunch - my first time at this New York landmark. I just love deli food, and getting into a Reuben from a place with such a long-standing reputation had me waiting with gastronomic desire.

That’s when the waiter brought this:

I tried to add something to the picture (via the pickle) to offer up some prospective of its size. The picture still doesn’t do it justice.  This sandwich covered a platter, and was piled about four inches high. It was Reuben enough for Charles Barkley and four of his fat buddies.

Despite its girth, I gave a run at it. I made it to just beyond the halfway point when I finally had to utter a Roberto Duran-like “no mas,” which was kind of foreshadowing, as that is exactly what my brain was telling my body in its quest for a nap at about 2:30.

At $22 for this monster, I still feel like I was ripping them off.

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