Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend at Dr. Bill's

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a group of buddies that included one from high school, two from college, and one former neighbor.  While where I met them is varied, the one thing we have in common is our enjoyment of a good hunt, and being in the company of dogs (mostly yellow ones, but there are exceptions).

Above is our esteemed host, Dr. Bill, with a brace of pheasants, and a new firearm.  Next to him is his trusty hound, Cooper.

Here are some additional photos:

Here are Fuzzy and Mr. Jude unloading at the car, and likely recapping who missed what.

Here's Miller-time wrestling with Cabo in trying to get a collar on the dog.  Cabo is winning...

The boys having a laugh, likely at somebody else's expense.

Dr. Bill proving that just because he was using a new gun doesn't mean that he needs any excuses.

We don't raise nearly the hell like we used to - a big night for us usually entails a big dinner, some cocktails, and a college basketball game.  Our conversations are more tame than they used to be as well, as we now talk about things like the health of our parents and ourselves.  But while things may have settled down a little bit, there's still enough smack talk, stories, and laughs to carry me for months. 

I started this column stating that I was lucky to spend the weekend like I did.  In the long drive home, thinking back on the entire time, it made me realize how lucky I am.

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