Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Golf on March 18

My lovely bride and I got out on our home course last Sunday, March 18.  Normally the track would still be under a foot of snow or two, but not this year.  With temps in the 60s or 70s for the past ten days, the snow is gone, the ground thawed, and the golf started.

In comparison, my first round last year was April 29 - nearly six weeks later.

While I shot a 96, for the first time out and for going double-triple-double to start my first three holes, I was happy with the effort.

Who am I kidding?  I could have shot a 150 and still loved it.  Good-bye, winter.

It is always so frustrating every year watching the Masters and wishing I could just go outside and play.  This year, all I need to do is to grab the clubs and step outside.

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