Monday, March 19, 2012

StarTribune's "War on Women" Headline Story Pure Bunk

In yesterday's StarTribune, a headline story told the tale of how women are "smarting from cuts and old stereotypes" in their careers.  A quote in the story which gets to crux follows:

"We're getting consistent reports of a woman being told that a man got a promotion over her because he has a family to support," said Joan Williams, a law professor running the Center for Worklife Law at the University of California. 

Excuse me for being coarse, but that is pure bull excrement. 

It is 2012 and talent is talent. Companies are as lean as they can possibly be, and I don't know a one that wouldn't hire the best talent available, bar none. Anyone that would still be basing employment decisions on race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. has already passed on so much talent that they're likely out of business already. The one and only benefit of the Great Recession is that businesses are so lean that they can't afford anything less than the best of the best anymore.

Regardless of who the best is. 

I'm not sure if this is just a ham-handed attempt to fuel the whole "war on women" narrative that the media is currently pushing (it sure feels like it), but speaking as business executive, it is complete garbage.

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