Friday, March 16, 2012

Van Halen and Kool & the Gang. Really

In past posts, I've provided proof as to why Sammy Hagar is better than David Lee Roth.  I've also reported on the putrid new effort by the Roth-led Van Halen.  Now, with Roth and Van Halen on the road at the same time that Michael Anthony and Hagar are on the road with their band Chickenfoot, fans can get a say as to who they REALLY want to see. 

Chickenfoot is playing smaller, more intimate venues, and has up and coming rockers Black Stone Cherry opening for them.  For those unfamiliar with BSC, you can hear more here. 

As for Van Halen, they're going big like the rock icons they are (except, for course, for you, Wolfgang).  Big venues, big crowds, big ticket prices.  And their opening act?  None other than rock and roll giants Kool & The Gang. 


Yes, music fans.  Kool & The Gang. 

But why?  Why would such hard rock royalty throw in with an 80's-light rock-wedding music-slow dance from your prom-girly-chick song playing-not charted an album since '86-washed up-oldies band? 

Because Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth don't give a rat's ass about their audience.  Never have.  They just want the dough.  If they combine with a band so that some old 40 or 50-something guy will bring along his wife, they get to sell two tickets instead of one!  Suckers!

So for those that still believe that Dave's version of Van Halen is the best - go see your oldies show.  Your wife might want to go, too.  Me?  I'd rather check out what the 'Foot and BSC are laying down.

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