Thursday, March 8, 2012

Millionaire on Food Stamps

This story is all over the web right now, so I apologize for the "me too" aspect, but I do have a couple of points.  But first, let's meet Amanda:

What's wrong with this story?  Oh, boy, kids:
  • 25% of Michigan residents on food stamps.  25%
  • A woman that needs the state to feed her can somehow find the funds to play the lottery in the first place
  • Our perp's half-grin while pleading her case for more state money is infuriating
  • Her agitation at having to pay taxes on her lottery winnings is ironic
  • The state rep proposing legistlation that if someone wins the lottery, they have to go off food stamps, is a coward.
For that state rep, here might be a couple of pieces of legislation that he might consider instead of the brilliant legalese he's currently crafting:
  • Playing the lotto?  Good.  Show your ID.  Quick lookup.  Happen to be on food stamps?  No lotto for you.  Show the would-be gambler the door.
  • Won the lotto and on food stamps?  Good.  Not only are you cut off for existing support, but you can use your new windfall to pay back the support you received in the past.
We are paying thousands and thousands of people for nothing.  We are raising entire generations that offer nothing to our broader society than an open hand and an attitude of entitlement (just look at the video again if you don't believe me). 

And the people that really need help will be the ones that suffer the most when the hammer falls. 

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  1. It's not long before the "takers" outnumber the "payers" and then where will we be? I blame the parents of these kids who cannot say "no" and who cannot explain that they actually "lost" a game or were "cut from a team". We are raising a generation of wimps who cannot handle controversy and are coddled to the point of thinking that even normal bantering at high schools is bullying soon to be labeled as a federal offense. (I do realize there is bullying and it is terrible but unfortunately crying wolf destroys it for those truly suffering...kind of like welfare) Sad thing is kids are so soft they cannot handle anything negative that comes their way. What will happen when they are turned down for their first job? Will they be depressed even suicidal? are doing a disservice not only to your children but to your country...but hey who cares as long as your 6 year old has the latest version of the iPhone.


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