Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Demanding Facebook Access in Interviews a Non-Story

Yesterday the web exploded with a story from AssociatedPress about how employers are demanding that job applicants provide their Facebook account log-in information so that the account can be evaluated as part of the interview process. 

The story immediately drew a massive cry of foul across the internet, with demands for "more unions!" and cries for comeuppance for "corporate America." 

There's just one tiny, little problem.  The story is not true.  Oh, sure, the article pointed out very clear examples of this happening.  They are outliers to create a story, pure and simple. 

As a business leader, I know of no example - zero - of any company doing this.  On the StarTribune comments board I asked the community to name names - to post any company that they knew was doing this.  After thousands of views, I still have yet to receive one response.  Crickets.

Hey, bad stuff happens in interviews all the time.  I once was interviewed while the interviewer was taking a bowel movement (true story).  However, I hardly think such behavior was the norm.  That is the exact same deal in this situation. 

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