Saturday, March 3, 2012

Born in 1964

I hit the sporting good store to see if I needed any provisions for an upcoming hunting trip, and found a couple of boxes of ammunition on clearance that were just too cheap to not purchase.  I brought them up to the counter where an older woman was running check out.

She needed to see my ID for the purchase, and remarked that I was born in 1964.  I remarked to the affirmative, to which she replied that it was notible to her as she was born in '63.


My first impression of her as I entered the line was that this was an old woman.  Thinning hair, slunched stature, bags under the eyes, the whole Mary Ann.  And her smoker's voice didn't help the situation.  

But yet she was a just year older than I was. 

If the world sees me like I saw her, I'm in deep trouble.

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  1. thanks for a good laugh this morning!! I do not, however, thank you for the coffee in my nose. When I find myself in a similar situation, I repeatedly chant to myself "please don't tell me I look like that. please don't tell me I look like that".


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