Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Minneapolis Kathleen Edwards Concert Review and Set List

Last night I attended the Kathleen Edwards opening set for Bon Iver at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis.  This was a great double bill, and  I have a separate review of Bon Iver's set which you can see as well.   

It was a different configuration than the last time that Kathleen played in Minnesota (which you can read about here).  Husband and guitarist Colin Cripps is gone, and she was accompanied by two other axe players.  Her sound was strong, her voice beautiful, and her set enjoyable.  Here's the set list, to the best of my recollection:
  • Asking for Flowers - beautiful version and perfect way to start the set
  • Six O'clock News - Skinny version with just her and the two players made this very nice
  • Moving to America - Not familiar with this -  a new one, perhaps?
  • Wapusk - New, strong effort
  • Run - Just a beautiful, haunting song
  • Disintegrate? - Another new one?
  • Change the Sheets - She totally poured her soul in this - the highlight of the set
  • Back to Me
  • Another new one that I could not catch the title.  Kathleen took keyboards for this one
If the new tracks make her long-awaited new album, us fans are in for a real treat.  Personally, I can't wait.  Great stuff.

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