Sunday, September 18, 2011

iPad 2 Review

A couple of weeks ago I finally broke down and got my iPad.   

There are three things that make me feel like a kid at Christmas when I get them - new vehicles, new firearms (you can see my review on my new Browning Maxus here), and new technology.  And in that regard, the iPad does not disappoint.   

When they were first announced I figured that they'd merely be larger iPhones.  I could not have been more wrong.  In increased utility provided by the bigger format is significant, and the apps designed specifically for the platform extremely powerful.   

I decided that with this purchase I'd go cheap - just the just the 16GB wi-fi version.  I figured that way I could cut my teeth, while waiting for the long-rumored iPad 3 to be released before making the really big investment.  While I'm still very much in the learning mode with the device, I'm using it enough to clearly know that I'm getting my money's worth from what I've paid.   

Great device. 

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