Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vikings Second Half Woes Are All in Their Head

The stats are in, and after Week 3 of the NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings have been outscored by a whopping 67-6.  They led each game at halftime, but were absolutely crushed in the every second half in which they played.

The Detroit game this past week was remarkable to watch, as you could physically see the Vikings players lose confidence as the game went on.  Their body language said it all - "We're choking again!"

And that's exactly what they did.

Given their first half performances where they have outscored their opponents by a 54-7 margin, this team knows it can compete and it can put up enough of a game to win.  They now need to find a way to stop themselves from losing, and that needs to come from the coaching staff.  This isn't a talent thing.  This is partly a game-plan thing.  And this is now most definitely a psychological thing.  
Week 4 of the season provides the Purple with the Kansas City Chiefs - a team in their own state of free-fall.  While KC can be a tough place to play, the team the Chiefs will field cannot compare with the physical talent the Vikings have.  Unfortunately, that's not where this team wins and loses games.  

That rests solely between the horns on their helmets.  

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