Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Reason Why I Love Ford

My first job out of college was with Ford.  While I didn't make very much money there, they provided me with opportunity for advancement, trained me incredibly well (training which I still fall back to even to this day), paid for a majority of my MBA, and otherwise provided me with a foundation which has served me all the days of my professional career.   

They were a company of which I was quite proud, and I have remained a lifelong Ford loyalist.  With the exception of buying my mom's crappy Grand Am as I graduated from college, the only vehicles I have ever purchased in my life have been Fords.  All ten of them - and I remember them all clearly and fondly - have been Ford or Mercury products (I'm still waiting to buy my first Lincoln).   

When the whole bail-out fiasco hit two years ago, Ford acted just like I expected them to act.  It was consistent with their culture an their brand.  And it further endeared me to that company.  Hence, when I saw this commercial, it resonated with me as it reflected exactly what I felt and feel: 

I will remain a huge fan of Ford, and will remain loyal to that brand.  Thanks, Ford, for continuing to give me reasons to do so.

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