Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wake Up Honk

Last week was a brutal one for me, as there were a number of crisis situations at work, and I was trying to get myself in a position to take a couple of days off this week.  That meant long hours at work – 12 to 14 hour days, plus work from home.  It was tense, stressful, and exhausting.   

Early one morning as I was headed into work, I was stopped at a stop sign that lead onto a very busy highway.  This intersection is a dangerous one, and has been the scene of multiple accidents and some fatalities in Green Bay.  The intersection was busy with traffic flowing inbound into the town, and a car four vehicles in front of me was waiting to turn right.  Unfortunately, they missed multiple opportunities to move into the traffic, and we sat there.   

Looking back to the west, there was nothing but a line of vehicles, so if a presented opportunity wasn’t taken, it would be a while for another to come around.   

After about the fourth missed opportunity without movement, I couldn’t take it anymore and laid on my horn.  I was simply too spun up with the stress of the impending day that I acted like a tool.   

The horn snapped me out of my rage.  

 Did I really do that?  Did I really honk?  What if that were my mom in the car – would I want her barreling into a small window just so I could get to work?  Worse yet, what if that was my dad in the car, back when he was sick; confused by the traffic?  

 Is this really what my life has become?  Good question...

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