Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BWCA Fire Pays a Visit to Green Bay

I awoke yesterday and started my dog chores for the day. Newly fed, I took the yellow dog out for her morning business. That's when we both noticed the intense smell of smoke. Instantly I was convinced that yet another house in our neighborhood had been burned down (another story, altogether), and I look around at my neighbors' places to see if I could see anything on fire. Finding nothing I put the dog back in her kennel and got ready for work. 

On my way out the door I told my wife of what I smelled, and suggested that when she walked the dog later that she keep her eyes open for yet another burned house in the neighborhood. As I drove to work with my windows down, I noticed that no matter how far I got from home, the smoke smell would not fade. Even arriving at work, it was just as strong as when I'd left. 

I ran into my admin on my way to my office and asked her what was up with the smoke - had some rabid Bears fans finally put a torch to Lambeau Field or something? She replied that she knew - the morning radio was reporting that it was smoke from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. 

Incredible! The upper winds had taken smoke from a fire more than 400 miles away and dumped it right on our front door here in Green Bay. 

It sounds (and smells) like the BWCA fire is horrific, as an estimated 100,000 acres have been impacted. It is a shame that this pristine area suffer such a trauma, and while fire is somewhat part of a natural process, the amount of damage being done there now is massive. 

While we enjoy our visitors from Minnesota here in Green Bay, this is one that we could have done without.


  1. Wow. That's incredible. Is the smell still lingering today? Are there any health hazards inherent in it?

  2. Jen,

    The smell only lasted one day, and there were warnings put out for small kids and the elderly. It has passed now, and everyone got by just fine. Still was weird to experience


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