Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kathleen Edwards Concert Review and Setlist – 7/25 Detroit Lakes

I donned my newly designed "Oldest Guy at the Concert" T-shirt (for sale at right now, click here to view) and headed out to Detroit Lakes. I tell you what, if the reaction I got from attendees is any indication, my little creation in Zazzle is going to make me a very rich man! It was a hit.

Great day for a concert – started out cold and cloudy, but ended up clearing off and ending up being a nice afternoon. Overall band selection was left something to be desired, and the headliner of Dave Matthews Band does absolutely nothing for me. Hence, I spent my $80 to see Kathleen, and that was about it. It was money well spent.

For a band, it was just her and her guitarist husband Colin Cripps. Kathleen's versatility with playing acoustic, electric, and harmonica made for a lot of flexibility with the sound, and even though it was just two of them, the sound they pulled off was pretty robust.

The set list didn't disappoint:

Set List

  • Buffalo – Great opener, set the tone for the rest of the set.
  • In State – Nice version with just her and her husband.
  • One More Song the Radio Won't Like – Really nice lead story gave this one some gruff emotion.
  • Copied Keys – This is a favorite of mine, and was a beautiful version.
  • Summerlong – Beautiful and appropriate.
  • Hockey Skates – Another favorite.
  • Are the Good Times Really Over? – A Merle Haggard cover that worked really well – introduced with a good story about the trials of crossing the border.
  • Run – Wonderful, quiet rendition. A gorgeous song to begin with, with the skinnied down production, it made it all the better.
  • Cheapest Key – Missed something without the full band.
  • Northern Sky – New song, and outstanding. If other new material is along these lines, I can't wait.
  • I Make the Dough – Long lead in to explain to us Yanks who Marty McSorley is. Hey, we're Minnesotans. We know our puck.
  • Six O'Clock News – Probably the most popular song of the set.
  • When Will I Be Loved – A throw away. Sounded like a cover of Linda Rondstadt covering Buddy Holly. Could have gone without this.
  • Scared at Night – Had people crying in the crowd. Literally. Haunting and beautiful. The most moving song of the set by a long shot.
  • Back to Me – Rousing rendition that was the perfect way to close.

Again, the concert was worth every penny. I'd like to see her in a more traditional tour and with a full band next time, or in the same configuration in a more intimate setting. There were a couple of stoned idiots at the stage that needed attention from the crowd, and that was really annoying. Likewise, the passing of an ATV behind her, twice, was a big distraction and was insulting to both her and her audience. Shame on the Festival for not being more attentive.

A couple of thoughts about this concert in general:

  • I forgot what dope smelled like, and it was there in massive quantities.
  • I had to laugh at the thousands there that dressed and acted like they were part of the "summer of love." Hell, they hadn't even been conceived yet. In some instances, their parents hadn't even been conceived yet.
  • Had a kid ask me if I wanted to smoke opium with him. That was a conversation that I don't have every day. I'm still laughing about it.
  • I can't believe how many people were camping up there – thousands. I'm not sure if or how they slept, other than with the help of some kind of chemicals.
  • In some ways I'm missing that I'm not 18 anymore, and in some ways I'm really grateful those days are over.

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