Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama's Advertising Campaign

This week on my route to work I was greeted by a sign touting the road work project being conducted there as "putting Americans back to work." At the time, I felt it was shameless self-promotion by the Obama administration at its most benign, and almost Orwellian government communication at its worst. I was intending on getting a photo of the signs and blogging about it next week, but Hot Air beat me to it.

Find out more in this video snippet.

As one that builds and markets web sites for a living, the amount proposed at the end is completely astonishing.

There is a substantive debate going on in Minnesota right now about replacing our road signs to make it more clear to visitors as to which of our airports is which. For those unfamiliar with our configuration, our charter terminal (Humphrey) is located directly across from our main terminal (Lindbergh), and since our signs don't define which is which, it creates confusion for visitors to our area.

The state has deemed that it is too expensive to fix this situation. Road signs are costly. But if Obama wants to advertise all the good he's doing in our state, well then that's OK...

Unemployment rises, and every prediction made by this administration of what is needed for recovery has been flat wrong. People are slowly but surely no longer buying the "Bush's recession" argument anymore. Approval ratings are at an all time low.

And the answer from the man that promised hope and change? Advertising.

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