Friday, July 10, 2009

Duck Action Congress - Effective Advocates or Waste of Time?

I applaud Dennis Anderson's call for a Minnesota Duck Congress to more effectively advocate for waterfowl and waterfowl hunters in the state of Minnesota. Unfortunately, two of the three examples of issues he uses as subjects the group could advocate actually curtail hunting opportunities in the state. I'm sorry, but if removing hunting opportunities is part of some romantic, Quixotic quest to return to the "good old days," count me out.

The bottom line with the waterfowl situation in Minnesota is habitat, and the bad news is that there is very little of it left in the state anymore. The problem begins and ends there. Our waters are turbid and polluted, our lakeshores completely overdeveloped, and our waterfowl harassed by thousands upon thousands of boats and personal watercraft. To the last point, with the popularity of fall fishing and wet suits, this harassment lasts well into the fall - the same period that Anderson advocates hunting end at 11:00 AM to let the lake "rest."

Has he been to a Minnesota lake recently? There is no "rest," not even during overnight hours.

This group is currently in development form. If it chooses to get bogged down in issues like Youth Waterfowl Days, spinning wing decoys, early goose seasons, hunting hours, and the like, it stands to do very little for Minnesota waterfowl or waterfowl hunters. Frankly, duck hunting chat rooms are already filled with prattle on these subjects, and it does nothing but create in-fighting amongst duck hunters. If, however, the group takes on the real issues of poor habitat, overdevelopment, pollution, rough fish, predator management, curtailing the hen bag and the like, then I provide my full endorsement and support.

Which way will they go?

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  1. Amen! You and Webber should go march on the Capital or call your Congressman from SNL!


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